Our Classes

Good for body, mind and soul!

Fit Mumma

A Functional Fitness style class that can be customised to fit any fitness level. Guaranteed to make you leave feeling AMAZING!
Workouts are different everyday!!
Creche available at our Morning Classes – Monday-Friday at 9:15am

Directing your energies


Boxing provides you with a full body workout that is guaranteed to get your heart pumping and those calories burning. Boxing movements partnered with bodyweight movements makes an amazing total body workout. As Nourish & Flourish Fitness is Post Natal focused, Emma and the Team are able to tailor the class to Post Natal women.

Strength training specifically for women


Mumma strength provides you with a full body workout using bodyweight and weights. It is my belief that women should strength train, we are continually required to use our strength during the day – picking up babies/children, carrying shopping, etc. There is no better feeling than the feeling of being strong.

Find your balance


Our yoga classes use classic yoga postures integrated into a flow of standing and floor poses that strengthen bones, tone muscles and benefit balance. Flowing from pose to pose you will create a gentle heat from the inside out. Step out of this class energised, relaxed and grounded.